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Zydus – r/trance 03 (Progressive)

My entry for r/Trance competition 03.

Genre: Progressive

I took progressive to heart and maybe most of the songs aren’t even trance but they are definitely progressive. This set starts off dark and slow and keeps that theme going until the Second Movement. Think of it as an interlude. The energy slowly increases as the set builds and transitions from the dark broody sounds of the Amazone into the uplifting and melodic Roses Never Cry.

Playing time: 55min 37sec


1. Chris Lake – Secrets In The Dark (Hector Couto Remix)

2. Rex Mundi – Amazone (Original Mix)

3. Thomas Sagstad – Backfire (Original Mix)

4. Andain – Promises (David Call Remix)

5. Sindre Eide – Second Movement (Original Mix)

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Zydus – Trance Trippin 05: lol @ LoL

Every year on Labour day weekend we look forward to Labour of Love, the biggest EDM event of the year in Toronto at the legendary Guvernment complex. It has been on the decline for a while but this year was by far the worst. This Trance Trippin is in memory of the great nights my friends and I have had at KoolHaus. The set eases from progressive into a teaser of tech, returns to the melodic before building it up to some bombs. Its the kind of live sets that we have gotten spoilt by which made us lol at this year’s LoL. Enjoy it and I hope it brings back some memories.

 Playing Time: 1hr 20min 28sec

1. Andrew Bayer – The Taxi Driver (Original Mix)

2. Aleksey Yakovlev – Gentle Sun (Mesmerized Remix)

3. Andy Duguid ft Fenja – Strings (Club Mix)

4. Rogers Shah & Sian Kosheen – Hide U (Pumpin Island Mix)

5. Soundshaperz – Open Your Mind (Original Mix)

6. Ernesto & Bastian – Bonanza (Saint X Remix)

7. Arty ft Tania Zygar – The Wall (Arty Remode Mix)

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