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Zydus – Trance Trippin 09 – Let’s Tech a Trip

Join me on a tour of tech. This hour long set goes on a topsy turvy ride through a variety of tech sounds from tech trance to techno/tech house and back. It starts off with some vocals to gently lure you in and then steadily gets darker and deeper before going into full on techno. Then we work our way back into tech trance sounds. You’ll notice the ebbs and flows in emotion and energy as the set progresses despite keeping a steady focused rhythm. Time for a tech trip!

Playing Time: 1hr 11min 49 sec


1. Arnej – The Day Will Come (Intro Edit)
2. Gareth Emery ft Lucy Saunders – Fight The Sunrise (Mark Eteson Remix)
3. Mr. Pit – Fugu (Original Mix)
4. Aaron Camz – Aqwa (Original Mix)
5. 2nd Phase – I Can’t Remember (Tech Rework)
6. Dakota – Terrace 5AM (Klauss Goulart Remix)
7. Aerofoil vs E&G – Plank Effect (Original Mix)
8. Johan Gielen vs Jan Vervloet – Music for Free (Jan Vervloet Remix)
9. High Jinks – Spiral Funk
10. Jay Lumen – Non Verbal Lessons (Original Mix)
11. Mario Ochoa – Sleepless (Original Mix)
12. Jochen Miller – Zodiac (Original Mix)
13. Heikki L and Tom Fall – Ordinary World (Mike Shiver Remix)
14. Ferry Corsten ft Shelley Harland – Holding On (Luke Chable’s Big Room Mix)


Direct Download (320 kbps)