Dj Zydus – Trance Trippin 01

Presenting Dj Zydus – Trance Trippin 01

This series of sets will consist of a lot of tracks that aren’t getting as much airplay on the radio shows as they should (imho). There will be under rated remixes of big tracks, but mainly a lot of tracks you’ve never heard before.

Playing time: 1hr 18 min 50sec (Should fit on a CD … you know who you are)


1. Matt Church – Feeding Dreams (Nathan Cryptic & Baz Lalor Remix)

2. Richard Durand – Xelerate (Brutally Attacked Mix)

3. Chus Liberata ft Tiff Lacey – Beds (Chus Liberata Remix)

4. Leon Bolier – Shimamoto (Original Mix)

5. EnMass ft Cari Golden – So Please 2010 (Randy Boyer Mix)

6. Daniel Kandi – Venice Beach (Lifted Mix)

7. Estiva & Temple One – November Lovely (Temple One Mix)

8. Marco Torrance ft Tiff Lacey – Dancing Brave (Specific Slice Remix)

9. Norman & Foley – Angel Voices (Original Mix)

10. Texxture – In The Rain (Luca De Mass Remix)

11. Manvel Ter-Pogosyan ft Tiff Lacey – Sweet Memories (A.M.R. Remix)

12. Electribe – Trancemigration (Soundlift Remix)

13. Greg Downey – Global Code (Club Mix)

14. Luca Antolini – Control Your Body (Uncontrolled Mix)

15. Tobias Davy – Uplift (Original Mix)

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