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Dj Zydus – Spring 2010 Vocal Mix

This all vocal set has been a long time coming so a big thanks for all your patience. Its been one of the more challenging sets since I could never get the “feeling” right. It was definitely an interesting experience trying to figure out how much of the vocals to play, when to transition, what songs to pick to keep the momentum going and songs with enough lyrics to make you want to sing along. A big shout out to all the people who listened to all my trials and gave me feedback. Much appreciated.

So a little about the set. First of all you need bass and loads of it. The energy really builds as the set progresses and there are some very bass heavy tracks in the middle so if during some transitions all you hear are high hats and muddled sounds you need better speakers or listen in your car :-). Some of my best transitions yet.

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